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About us

Detective for a Day was founded in August 2021 because of our love of crime and true-crime. We've always wanted to investigate and solve a real crime case instead of watching others do it on TV, so we ended up developing a product that we've become extremely proud of.

Covid-19 forced us to to stay indoors a lot, and we wanted to create something new and exciting that partners, friends and families could do together at home.

After half a year of hard work, the first Norwegian cases 'Murder at the student graduation' and 'Murder on the luxury yacht' finished. 

Shortly after, we started translating the cases to English, as we saw great success in Norway and wanted to make the cases available to the rest of Europe. 

The most important thing for us was that the cases should be as realistic as possible, as well as engage and entertain our customers for hours. The cases we make are carefully constructed and planned down to the smallest detail with exciting characters and stories.

We hope you get as much pleasure from solving the cases as we did from making them. We release new cases continuously!

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