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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

How do you solve a case?

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Detective for a Day is not a board game. You will receive a folder with around 40 different pieces of evidence in the mail. In addition to the evidence, there are five envelopes to be opened at different times as you get deeper into the investigation. It is up to you how you resolve the matter. Search through the evidence and websites to find clues that can convict the killer.

Perhaps you think it is suspicious that a suspect has called the victim 10 times in one evening? Perhaps you find a web address on a business card and choose to examine the page? Perhaps you come across a surveillance video and need to analyze it more closely? Perhaps you discover a hidden motive or a clue that has always been under your nose?

Detective for a Day is similar to watching an episode of crime or reading a short crime novel. The difference is that it is you who has to solve the case.

How many can solve a case?

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There is no limit to how many people can solve a case. In theory, 40 people can work together, but it can be hard to keep organized with larger crowds. We recommend 2-5 people to get the best experience. You can also solve a case alone, but it is certainly best to share the experience with several people.

How long does it take to solve a case?

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On average, a group of 4 people spend 2-3 hours solving a case, but this can vary greatly.

Play time depends on how well you work together, your ability to think logically as well as how good you are at finding details.

Can I pass on the product as a gift after I have solved the case?

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Yes! Put the documents back where you found them and pass the case on as a gift to friends or family.

Which case should I start with?

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We recommend "Murder on the Luxury Yacht" first, and then "Murder on the World Tour".

Is there an age restriction?

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Due to profanity, violence and drugs, Detective for a Day is not suitable for those under 12.

A case suitable for the whole family is in development and will be released at a later date.

Shipping and right of withdrawal

How much does shipping cost?

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Shipping is free!

How long is shipping?

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Detective for a Day is sent from Norway, so it depends on where you are in Europe.

Average shipping time is 1 week

I regret the purchase - can I return the item?

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You can cancel the purchase of the item in accordance with the Right of Cancellation Act. Read more about our guidelines for right of withdrawal here. You can find our full sales conditions here.


Why are you called Detective for a Day?

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We wanted to eventually translate our cases into English and sell them internationally, therefore we chose an English name, even though we are based in Norway.

Where is your Spotify playlist?

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Here it is!

Put in on when you are solving the case to set the mood with smooth jazz and noir soundtracks. 

Do you have any vacancies?

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Maybe! Feel free to send us an email with an application and CV if you are interested and live in Narvik or Tromsø.

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