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How does it work?

Detective for a Day is a bit difficult to explain, so we made a video instead:

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Look for clues

Detective for a Day is not a board game. A folder with around 40 different pieces of evidence will be sent to your by mail. In addition to the evidence, there are five envelopes to be opened at different times as you get deeper into the investigation.

Be curious

Perhaps you find it suspicious that a suspect has called the victim 10 times in one evening? Perhaps you find a web address on a business card and choose to examine the page? Perhaps you come across a surveillance video and need to analyze it more closely? Perhaps you'll discover a hidden motive or clue that's always been right under your nose?

Cooperate to solve the case

Detective for a Day is similar to watching an episode of a true-crime show or reading a short crime novel. The difference is that you have to solve the case. Search through the evidence and work together to find clues that will convict the killer!

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