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Customer Reviews

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Lucian Dulbaca
Very entertaining case

I did not expect to like it that much, it is a very nice detective case that really had a twist of plot. I never thought that I could be that wrong on my first thought of the subjects, which I found it very interesting. This made me order the whole package of cases and hopefully they will come up with more.
The devil is really in the details! :)

Great fun!

Like an escape room at home! The materials are very high quality and carefully crafted, one of the pages is actually burnt! Some of the logical leaps weren't straightforward enough to lead us in the right direction (ie multiple conclusions could be supported with the same amount of evidence). However, it's still very satisfying to play and the solutions are in the tiniest details. Will buy again!

Nikola Ilijevski
Murder on a world tour

Excellent game!
Fine quality craftsmanship.
Nice time spent playing

Utrolig bra gjennomført

Kjøpte dette i julegave til familen, og løste det i romjulen. Veldig spennende og utrolig bra gjennomført! Hele familien koste seg, og vi gleder oss til å prøve flere caser i framtiden

Sarah A.
Great game!

My husband and I had a lot of fun playing and solved it in around 2 hrs!
Very interactive game with the different files, QR code clues, websites to visit. It still surprised us with some good twists.
We really recommend this game for a fun time with family and friends.
We hope to see more packs available!


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