Delayed packages


Europe: Shipping is usually 1 week, and sometimes packages are delayed 1-2 weeks.

Rest of the world: Shipping is usually 1-2 weeks, and sometimes packages are delayed 2-3 weeks.



Because our packages are small and fit in mailboxes, we send them by post, which means they are handled by the national post service in the destination country. This means that delays will occur from time to time, because the national post services in different countries operate at very different speeds. 




We currently only offer tracking to packages in Norway.

International tracking is very expensive (sometimes 30 Euros extra), and we want to offer free shipping to our customers, which is why we do not have tracking on packages at the moment. However, we have found a solution to this problem, and will probably have tracking soon to most countries in Europe for free, hopefully in 2024!

Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Hong Kong will not have tracking in the near future, but we are looking for ways to fix that as well.



We can then claim it as lost in transit at the respective national post service who has lost it, and we can refund you, or send you a new package for free! 

However: There are three other reasons why your package might be delayed or lost:



 1. Customs Check 🌍🛃

If you're ordering from outside the EU, your package might need to go through customs. They like to make sure everything's on the up-and-up, which can take a bit of time. Also, sometimes, they will try to contact you to make you pay customs duty. Often, they send an email which goes to your spam folder (so check that), or they’ll send a letter. Our legal company name is “Daniel Andersen Media AS”, and not “Detective for a Day”, so be on the lookout for that name.


    2. Oops, Wrong Address! 🏡🔍

We all make mistakes, but sometimes an incorrect or incomplete address can lead to a wild goose chase for your package. You can check which address you provided if you click “view order” on the shipping confirmation email you have received.


   3. Delivery man can’t find your mailbox.

If the mailbox is hard to find, or is not clearly labeled, the delivery man might deliver it to a local post office for you to pick up. If this happens you will usually be notified, but in our experience, they tend to forget to notify… This causes the package to be sent back to us.


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